May 2019 Goodwill Finds: Books + Mugs

May 2019 thrift store finds: books and coffee mugs haul - Allyson J Johnson

I’ve turned into quite the thrift queen lately. There’s just something about going to Goodwill and finding hidden gems! I have 2 Goodwill stores in my city I love to go to. I typically look for books, mugs and home decor, but also clothes and shoes. ( fun fact: I found some brand new boots worth $40 for $1!! )

Every month, I’ll share a blog post of my favorite Goodwill finds. For May, I found 4 mugs and 5 books all for $10.16! Here’s what I found below:

May 2019 Goodwill finds: Books and coffee mugs haul - Allyson J Johnson

I found a few Christian living books that I’ve been wanting to read for a while and some novels! I’m currently reading Girl With A Camera and I’m loving it. Funny story about the Jesus Is book… I had actually bought this book when it first came out and I read it in a day. I gave it to my boyfriend at the time to read and he never read it. I randomly thought a few weeks ago how I wish I still had this book and I was annoyed that I never got my book back, ha! So, I go into goodwill and sitting front and center is the Jesus Is book. The Lord is faithful, y’all. :)

The Crazy Love book has been on my list for a while of books to get and I was excited to find it hidden away on the book shelf. Now, onto the mugs I found:

May 2019 Goodwill Finds: Book and mug haul - Allyson J Johnson

I’m a mug addict and I can’t quit buying mugs. Just call me a Mug Lady! I was so excited to find these unique mugs. The brown and white danish style mug looks and feels handmade. There’s no stamping on the bottom or signature, though. The green Kasper’s Monogram mug caught my eye. I loved the vintage style lettering! I got the life is good mug for my brother, because it has his birth year, 1994 printed on the front. :) I think my favorite mug is the San Francisco mug! The houses are so bright and colorful and it makes my mornings a little bit happier to drink coffee out of it.

And so, that’s what I found in May! I’ll share next month what I find in June. I hope these posts inspire you to go to your local thrift stores and do a little treasure hunting for yourself. It’s so much fun!