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I’m Allyson and I’m a Tennessee girl, a follower of Jesus, a mug collector and a cat mama.

I’ve been a creative entrepreneur for the last 10+ years, and I’m still going strong with my main focus being Shop Happies, my online shop that I built from the ground up.

I like to describe myself as multi passionate as I’ve done so many different things over the years! When I first started out on this creative journey, I was making jewelry to sell on Etsy. Then, I started selling my art on sites like DENYdesigns and Society6.

I’ve summed my art style up in 3 words: Whimsical. Happy. Quirky. I love working with color, hand lettering, and drawing floral design and cute little characters.

When I’m not making artwork, you can find me reading books, taking a walk or sipping an iced coffee as well as blogging right here in this little corner of the internet. :)